Advisory Council


The Woodring Advisory Council serves as a broad-based advisory group that provides feedback to the Dean on important items that influence faculty, staff, and students within the college. This visioning group addresses potential future directions and their implications at regularly scheduled meetings and reporting back to their constituent groups on the topics discussed.


The Woodring Advisory Council discusses wide-ranging issues that may include: 

  • Implications of adding or eliminating programs within the college.
  • Discuss implications of proposed bylaws revisions
  • Impact of budget cuts and/or budget growth on college programs and staff.
  • Innovative curricular additions.
  • Creative partnerships with community groups.
  • Discussions of college climate and its impact on students, staff, and faculty.
  • Roles of professional development/research/service centers.
  • College-level evaluations.
  • Initiatives advanced either from within or outside the College.
  • Strategic planning.
  • International directions.
  • Propose and review professional development proposals for the College.
  • Other visioning topics brought to the group by the Dean and others. 


Horacio Walker Dean
Larry Antil Assistant Dean of Outreach Programs
Sarah Bear Director, Nursing Program
Pamela Brock Assessment & Evaluation
Sara Chiabai Development Director
Tracy Coskie Chair, Dept. of Elementary Education (faculty)
Gail Coulter Chair, Dept. of Special Education (faculty)
Karen Dade Associate Dean (Fall)
Paula Dagnon Technology Committee Representative (faculty)
Raine Dozier Chair, Dept. of Health and Community Studies (faculty)
Kristen French Director, Center for Education, Equity, and Diversity (faculty)
Greg Hoffenbacker Director, Technology Services
Tracie Johannessen Service Learning Specialist
Peter Johnson Director, Educator Certification/Staff Advisory Council
Bruce Larson Associate Dean (Winter/Spring)
Nat Reilly Diversity Recruitment & Retention Specialist
LeAnne Robinson Faculty Affairs Council Representative (faculty)
Kevin Roxas Chair, Dept. of Secondary Education (faculty)
Anselmo Villanueva Director, Compass 2 Campus
Laura Wellington Director, Teacher Education Admissions & Field Experiences
Carola Williams Staff Advisory Council
TBD SWEA Student Representative
TBD Faculty Affairs Council Representative
TBD Faculty Affairs Council Representative
Staff Support: Karen Olstad, Operations Manager



Minutes Academic Term Academic Year
5/09/17 Spring 2016-2017
4/11/17 Spring 2016-2017
10/11/16 Fall 2016-2017
4/14/15 Spring 2014-2015
2/10/15 Winter 2014-2015
1/13/15 Winter 2014-2015
12/9/14 Fall 2014-2015
10/14/14 Fall 2014-2015
6/10/14 Spring 2013-2014
5/13/14 Spring 2013-2014