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Adding Council/Committee Meeting Minutes

  1. In Word, save your meeting minutes file as a PDF and name it as follows:
    <committee>-<YearMonthDay>.pdf (eg. AC-2013Oct07.pdf)
  2. Login to edit from Woodring's home page (see Getting Started above)
  3. Choose My Workbench Create Content Council/Committee Minutes Upload
  4. Fill out the form:
    1. Enter the File NameImportant: please enter this as M/DD/YY (eg. 10/07/13) or your minutes will not display correctly on the page. Note: use slashes "/" not dashes "-"
    2. Select the Council or Committee
    3. Select the Academic Term of the minutes
    4. Select the Academic Year of the minutes
    5. Select Minutes for File Category
    6. Click Browse and find & select your file from step #1
    7. Click Upload
    8. Double-check the accuracy of your selections, then click Save