Adding an Image to a Page

Upload the image to Drupal

  1. On your computer, find your image file and prefix the name of your JPG, PNG or GIF file with your department or program acronym. Use the format program-filename.jpg (eg. HS-RedArrow.jpg). Remove any blank spaces from the name.
  2. See Getting Started (above).
  3. Click Content > Files from the Drupal menu.
  4. Click the Add File button, find your file from step 1 and drag it into the Add File window.
  5. ​Select your department, program, or office Folder and click Next​.
  6. Fill out the Alt Text description and click Save.

Place the image in your page

  1. Navigate to your page on the Web (if published) or use My Workbench My Drafts to find your unpublished page.
  2. Click New Draft or Edit Draft to edit your page.
  3. Place your cursor within the content Body at the spot you want to place the image.
  4. Click the media button Media button then click Library (MBP) and type or paste the file name from step 1.
  5. Click on the image to select it, then click the Submit button.
  6. Add an Alt Text description, then click Submit to add the image to the page.
  7. Right-click on the image in the Body and choose Image Properties to change the size, alignment, border size, horizontal or vertical space around the image, or add a hyperlink.