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Adding a PDF or Word File

  1. See Getting Started (above)
  2. Locate your file on your computer or the P drive and make sure the filename is prefixed with your department, program or office acronym (eg. ELED-ProgramPlanningSheet.pdf) and has a general, NOT time-specific, name (eg. NOT ELED-ProgramPlanningSheet-Nov2011.pdf). Please rename your file to match this format if necessary.
  3. On the top editing menu, under Content, click Files.
  4. Click the Add file button.
  5. Locate your file and drag it into the window that says Drag files here or click Add File, navigate to your file and click Open.
  6. Under Folder, select your program folder or Media Root (if your program isn't listed).
  7. Click Start Upload, then click Next.
  8. Click Save.