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A statement to students from the Office of the Dean

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Community College Advisors

Advice for the Transfer Student

  • Early Childhood Education Program only admits Fall term

  • Early Childhood Special Education Program only admits Fall term

  • Secondary only admits Fall and Winter terms

  • Elementary admits Fall, Winter, and Spring terms

  • Special Education, except Early Childhood Special Education, admits Fall, Winter, and Spring terms

  • Elementary has 16 aligned majors - applicants may choose a major on the list or under advisement, choose a different major (see webpage)

  • Meet the West-B basic skill requirement. You may meet this through SAT, ACT, or West-B scores.

  • If applying to Early Childhood, Elementary, or Special Education, community college students should apply to WWU and the Teacher Education Program the same term.

  • There is a science course prerequisite for each of the above programs. Some community colleges have that equivalent course. If not, it may be taken at WWU. It is not a program admission requirement. These CCs have the equivalent course:

    • Everett Community College  -  NAT S 107

    • Skagit Valley Community College - PHYS 111

    • Whatcom Community College  - PHYSC 104

  • Intermediate College Algebra.

    • Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education programs have math courses as part of their programs. The first program math course has a prerequisite course. That prerequisite is WWU course Math 112. Students must meet this requirement.

      • May take an Intermediate College Algebra course at your community college (e.g. Math 99 at Whatcom or Skagit CC). Taking a math course higher than Math 99 without taking Math 99 DOES NOT equal meeting this requirement

      • May take Math 112 at WWU

      • May take the WWU Math Placement Test (General) with a minimum score of 150 required

    • A minimum grade of C is required

    • Math courses more than 5 years old are not honored

  • Woodring Scholarships
  • WWU Scholarships & Financial Aid