Technical Support

Technical Support for Students

Canvas Videos

If you have questions or need help regarding Canvas, you can contact the Academic Technology User Services (ATUS) Help Desk or call (360) 650-3333.

Technology Equipment

Make sure you have the right equipment:  you will need access to a computer with a high-speed internet connection (not dial up service), software such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, a headset with integrated microphone, and a webcam.  Computer competence is expected.  You can self-assess your computer skills by filling out the AHE Technology Self Assessment.

Forwarding Student Email Account

To automatically forward your student email account to a personal email account, follow these instructions.

Technical Support for Faculty

ATUS Helpdesk

The ATUS Helpdesk is open until 8pm, Monday through Thursday and there is a Helpdesk person located in Academic West Room 310 until 8pm in the evenings.  You can contact them at 360-650-3333 or call ext. 3333 from a campus telephone. 

Classroom Media

Use the following link for media information and instructions for all the classrooms on campus.  


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