Application Directions

Hopskotch background. Text in white: Before you apply.

  1. Complete the Canvas course to demonstrate understanding of the application and placement process.
  2. Review your program information page in Canvas or online:
  3. Create your student teaching application using the below guidelines. Your application will consist of a Resume, Cover Letter, Transcript(s), and Signature Page.

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PART 1: Creating the Application

  • RESUME: Word document, 1-2 pages, readable format/style, and edited for grammar and clarity. View┬áresume development resources.
    • Required: Name and contact information, education, program school-based experiences (do not include CT's name; include school, district, number of hours, and brief description of work)
    • Optional: Purpose statement; additional non-program work with children/youth; brief summary of other types of work; honors, awards, community service; other skills
  • COVER LETTER: self-introduction to a potential CT, Word document, 1-2 pages long, 1.5 or double-spaced, and edited for grammar and clarity. View cover letter resources.
    • Who are you and what are your interests?
    • Why did you choose teaching and this program?
    • What are some professional development goals you have for student teaching?
    • Do not make any statement about the district and/or school you desire for placement. That is not appropriate for this document.
  • TRANSCRIPT(S): Include all undergraduate transcripts (unofficial). MIT students should include unofficial undergraduate and graduate transcripts.
    • Access a WWU transcript: open the Total Academic History page found in the Student section of Web4U (accessed through MyWestern). Take a screenshot or use the snipping tool and then copy/paste that to a blank Word document (do not attempt to copy/paste the text directly). Save as a Word document.
  • SIGNATURE PAGE: We must have your permission to share confidential information about you to school personnel.
    • Open the document and carefully read the statement
    • Check the box; sign by typing your name
    • Save as a Word document

PART 2: Putting the Application Together

  • Put the four Word pages together as one document in this order: Resume, Cover Letter, Transcript, Signature Page.
  • You may need to cut/paste to a new blank page but your file must be one final document.
  • Fix any formatting issues and complete a final edit.
  • Save the Word document for your records. Then save as again to create a PDF version of the document to submit.
  • NAME the complete PDF using the correct convention for your program. The term should reflect your internship term, not the term you apply:
Program Format Example
Bellingham ECE LAST.First.PROGRAM.term SAMPLE.Sammy.ECE.Fall 2016
Bellingham ECEL LAST.First.PROGRAM.DUAL.term SAMPLE.Sammy.ECE.DUAL.Fall 2016
Bellingham ELED LAST.First.PROGRAM.term SAMPLE.Sammy.ELED.Winter 2016
Bellingham SEC LAST.First.PROGRAM.term SAMPLE.Sammy.SEC.Winter 2016
Bellingham SPCE LAST.First.PROGRAM1.PROGRAM2.term SAMPLE.Sammy.SPED.ECE Winter 2016
Bellingham SPEL LAST.First.PROGRAM1.PROGRAM2.term1.term2 SAMPLE.Sammy.SPED.ELED.Winter 2016.Spring 2016
Bellingham SPED LAST.First.PROGRAM.term SAMPLE.Sammy.SPED.Winter 2016
Bremerton ELED LAST.First.PROGRAM.term SAMPLE.Sammy.BR.Fall 2016
Everett ELED LAST.First.PROGRAM.term SAMPLE.Sammy.EV.Fall 2016
Everett SEC MIT LAST.First.PROGRAM.term SAMPLE.Sammy.EVMIT.Winter 2016

PART 3: Where do you want to be placed?

PART 4: Submit the application

  • Double-check your program information for specific instructions or restrictions.
  • Email the final PDF versions of the Application & Placement Information Form to