Apply to be a Peer Mentor!

Looking to be a Woodring Peer Mentor?

Applications for the 2019-2020 school year are now closed. Applications for the 2020-2021 school year will open in Spring of 2020.


Peer Mentor Role Description

About the Role

We expect to invite 9 mentors to the program.  This is a volunteer position.  Mentors have the option of earning academic credit for your service to the college of education.  Mentoring duties typically subside during dead week, finals, and breaks. Minimum responsibilities equal approximately 1-3 hours per week


  • Contribute a valuable service to underclassmen and support urgent college of education diversity initiatives
  • Make personal connections and help underclassmen navigate Woodring and Western
  • Learn and use valuable mentoring skills (guiding, listening, building rapport with individuals)
  • Receive coaching to improve professional skills
  • Gain academic advising knowledge and experience
  • Work on a fun and dynamic team
  • Option of earning independent study credits during the year (1-2 credits per quarter)


Preferred Qualities

  • Enrolled in a Woodring College of Education undergraduate or post-baccalaureate program and in good academic standing
  • Will be available to mentor in Bellingham for the entirety of the 2019-2020 school year (Fall-Spring)
  • Able or has the strong potential to build rapport and assist mentees from backgrounds different than their own
  • Has a deep knowledge of one or more Woodring programs and is willing to learn about programs in order to advise students with varied interests
  • Organized, manages time effectively, and is usually responsive to email messages within 48 hours
  • Willingness and ability to work collaboratively on a team of mentors to provide optimal advising/mentoring service to prospective Woodring students
  • Previous experience with Future Woodring Scholars, Maestros Para el Pueblo, FACET


Time Commitment and Basic Responsibilities (roughly 1-3 hours a week)

  • Provide peer advising and make personal connections with up to 20 underclassmen mentees at a time
  • Attend regular mentor meetings (typically 2-4 meeting hours each month, more if earning credit)
  • Respond to email/phone calls/texts from mentees and colleagues within 48 hours
  • Meet individually with mentees (time/place arranged by you)
  • Participate in professional/multicultural development opportunities such as attending departmental information sessions, meeting with program advisors, film  screenings, and Center for Education, Equity and Diversity events
  • Research Woodring programs that you are unfamiliar with to better serve mentees
  • Collaborate with other mentors to develop student-friendly advising materials