Assessment Committee

At its meeting on February 14, 2012 the Assessment Committee made the following recommendations to the Dean:

  • The Committee should no longer exist as it is currently configured and the committee and its charge should be deleted from the college by-laws.
  • The committee recognized that the work of assessment is tied to continuous improvement and is never completed. It was the consensus of the committee that the work of the college would be more successful if:
    • The structure for the work was less rigid,
    • The work itself was in pursuit of answers to specific questions, and
    • The membership was based on genuine interest, regard and expertise for seeking answers to a specific question rather than department representation.

Former Committee Charge

The Woodring Assessment Committee supports assessment activities in the College through:

  • Serving as a mechanism for sharing assessment practices across programs.
  • Identifying professional development opportunities for faculty in the areas of course-based and program-level assessment.
  • Making recommendations to the Administrative Council regarding policies, procedures, and resources to support student outcomes assessment and program evaluation.

Former Membership

  • Susan Kincaid, Human Services and Rehabilitation, Committee Chairperson
  • Victor Nolet, Secondary Education
  • Tracy Thorndike-Christ, Special Education
  • Kimberly McDaniel, Assessment and Evaluation
  • Paula Johnson, Elementary Education
  • Diane Penland, Elementary Education, Everett
  • Dana Edward, Certification and Accreditation
  • Don Larsen, Educational Administration
  • Chris Ohana, Elementary Education


Minutes Academic Term Academic Year
2/14/12 Winter 2011-2012
1/10/12 Winter 2011-2012
11/9/11 Fall 2011-2012
11/22/11 Fall 2011-2012
5/10/11 Spring 2010-2011
1/11/11 Winter 2010-2011
11/9/10 Fall 2010-2011
10/12/10 Fall 2010-2011
6/1/10 Spring 2009-2010
4/13/10 Spring 2009-2010