A statement of support

A statement to students from the Office of the Dean

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Building Bridges with Migrant Youth

A Pathway Program of Woodring College of Education

Building Bridges with Migrant Youth (BRIDGES) connects educators, students, and community advocates to support students from migrant backgrounds to graduate from high school and build pathways to higher education. BRIDGES uses a service-learning model that incorporates culturally relevant pedagogy and community based education to match university students with middle and high schools students in a model of cascading mentorship.

Based on research and knowledge of students’ strengths and challenges, BRIDGES attempts to create student-centered pathways with academic supports, role models, culturally relevant programs, and college access workshops. Focusing simultaneously on mentoring relationships and institutional supports, we attempt to anticipate barriers and pro-actively bridge them to support students’ access to higher education.

BRIDGES integrates a series of interrelated projects;

  1. A university course titled, Bridging Barriers with Migrant Youth (AMST / EDUC 413) that places college students in partner programs as role models and coaches;
  2. The Migrant Youth Leadership Conferences and campus visits;
  3. Youth driven service learning projects focused on needs in the students’ lives and communities; and
  4. Strategic partnerships to build pathways to higher education with educational advocates for migrant youth and families.