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A statement to students from the Office of the Dean

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Application and Admission

CCNE Accredited

American Association of Colleges of Nursing

Western’s RN-to-BSN program values the strength and skills of all nurses: both new graduate nurses and expert clinicians with extensive nursing practice. Using a cohort model of education, this program builds on the range of academic and clinical experience each student brings to that collective group transitioning through the program of study. Additionally, this model supports mentorship and shared learning by all, regardless of age or years of nursing experience. We encourage all nurses interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing to apply. The Admissions Committee reviews each application carefully, with equal consideration of academic records, essays, and letters of recommendation in making final decisions for acceptance into the program. 


Many prerequisites for Western's program are satisfied by classes completed during a pre-licensure RN program.  Students seeking a BSN can transfer many of those credits from prior institutions, even if you completed your degree 20 years ago.