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Mentor testimonials

One of the best parts about the mentoring experience is walking into the classroom and having the kids look up and wave and greet us very excitedly, especially on the first day of the week. It just feels good knowing that the kids like having us there as much as we like being there! -Bailey Protzeller, Alderwood Elementary Mentor, 2012

It’s great when you know what you’re doing is helping. Also, getting the free time after homework to just hang out, play basketball, and chat is fun. We really get to know the kids and make an impact on them outside of just the academics. -Sarah Mansfield

The best experiences I have are the ones when the students are noticeably becoming attached to you. I love how the after school program is a family, we all have funny jokes together and it is really all about bonding. -Chelsea Brooks

Seeing the kids' eyes light up when I walked in the classroom motivated me and gave me hope that my presence is appreciated; hopefully I can be seen as a positive role model. -Percy Sturgis

I am having such a wonderful time, and the staff is so friendly and the children are the best! I love the class that I have been placed in and it really has solidified my drive to be a teacher! :) -Dylan Gordon

Compass 2 Campus does not exist without student mentors. If you’re interested in joining our class to become a mentor, read the information below.

How does the program work?

The program has a 3 credit introductory course students must enroll in to become a mentor. For the first three weeks of each quarter Compass 2 Campus trains student mentors to work in elementary and middle school classrooms with underrepresented, low-income, diverse, students to provide positive role models and encourage students to view some form of post-secondary education as achievable. In weeks 4-10 mentors spend 4 hours a week directly working with students at our site placement schools. After completion of our introductory course students can enroll in our continuing courses up to four times for credit and continue expanding their experience and learning initiated in the introductory course.

Who can be a mentor?

All Western Washington University and Whatcom Community College students are able to become mentors by taking the first mentorship training class: EDUC 201 (WWU) Co-Op 190 Section H (WCC)

What is the commitment?

  • Attend class for the first 3 weeks of the quarter
  • Complete 4 hours of service for weeks 4-10 at school site (total of 28 hours a quarter)
  • Submit a Washington State back ground check with $12 processing fee
  • Attend 2 check in classes at the middle and end of the quarter
  • Complete all classwork to the best of the student’s ability
  • Communicate regularly with the program

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