Dr. Temple Grandin Coming to Bellingham

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Due to cancelations by ticket holders who are challenged by snow in getting to the evening event at Mount Baker Theatre, we are offering seats to those on the wait list. Please email Woodring@wwu.edu if you are interested in coming as soon as possible.

Dr. Grandin is in Bellingham and both programs promise to be as fulfilling as we had hoped.

Your safety should be your utmost concern.

Afternoon Event

Free informal Q&A focused on How Families and Schools can Support Individuals with Autism, from 4-5pm at the WWU Performing Arts Center. No pre-registration required. 

Parking Lot C has been reserved from 3:30 on for free parking. Please allow plenty of time to get to the PAC from your vehicle.


Evening Event - Please email Woodring@wwu.edu if you currently have tickets and do not plan to attend due to weather.

** This event is SOLD OUT **   Due to weather conditions, we are getting cancellations and will be contacting people on the current waiting list Tuesday around noon to see if they are able to attend

Due to the overflow crowd and general seating, there will be NO SAVING OF SEATS at the Mount Baker Theatre.  Your party must be seated together.

The book signing will be in the lobby. Village Books will be set up to sell books prior to the presentation, as well as during the signing.