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An Indigenous Perspective of Western Science: Decolonizing and Reconstructing - Dr. Jeff King, Director of the Center for Cross-Cultural Research, Department of Psychology, Western Washington University 

Presentation given on April 17, 2015

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Pedagogies of Resiliency and Hope - Curtis Acosta

Re-Igniting Multicultural Education: What Teachers, Schools and Teacher Educators Can Do with Sonia Nieto & Patty Bode

Moving Beyond The Rhetoric: A New Multicultural Education For the 21st Century

Undocumented Students - Dr. Tom Nerini

Sherman Alexie Panel with Swil Kanim


Blackfoot/Maslow presentation featuring Narcisse Blood and Ryan Heavy Head

On the evenings of October 14 and 15, 2011, Canadian Blackfoot scholars Ryan Heavy Head and Narcisse Blood visited Western Washington University to discuss the influence of the Blackfoot world view on American psychologist, Abraham Maslow. CEED staff member Kate Harrison met with the two to discuss the Blackfoot perspective and its impact on Maslow. Listen to the discussion on the relationship and differences between Western and Blackfoot thought, and how Maslow was changed by this.