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Administrator Certification

Residency Administrator Certification (Principal)

The Residency Administrator Certificate (First Issue) endorsed in the role of Principal is issued by OSPI upon verification by the Woodring Certification Office that these requirements are met:

Residency Reissuance

The first issue Residency certificate is valid until the administrator has completed two consecutive years of service in the role with one employer, and signed a contract for a third year. Apply for a Residency Administrator Reissuance through OSPI E-Certification. The timeline for earning a Professional certificate begins with the reissued Residency certificate, which is valid for five years. 

Residency  Renewal

Residency administrators may permit their reissued Residency certificate to lapse, and/or renew the certificate in one of the following ways as illustrated in this timeline

  • Apply for a two year Residency Renewal upon admission to a Professional Certification Program through the institution delivering the program.
  • If not serving in the role, apply for a five year Residency Renewal through OSPI upon completion of 15 quarter credits (10 semester) of college course work related to the state performance-based leadership standards.

Professional Administrator Certification (Principal)

The second tier Professional Administrator Certificate endorsed in the role of Principal or Program Administrator is issued to Residency administrators who meet the following requirements. Apply for a Professional Administrator Certificate through OSPI E-Certification

  • Three contracted school years of employment as a principal or assistant principal.
  • Successful completion of a ProCert Program.

Professional Renewal

The Professional certificate is renewed every five years on this basis:

  • Serving in the role
    Four annual professional growth plans (PGPs) equivalent to 30 clock hours each, over the five year validity term.
  • Serving in the role a portion of the time
    A combination of clock hours or equivalent related to the state performance-based leadership standards and PGPs totaling 150 clock hours, over the five year validity term.
  • Not serving in the role during the five year term
    150 clock hours or equivalent as defined above over the five year validity term.
  • Exception
    One time renewal option of using 150 clock hours or equivalent as defined above in lieu of PGPs, through June 30, 2020.
  • Beginning September 1, 2016
    In-service training or continuing education on the revised teacher and principal evaluation system under RCW 28A.405.100 will be a requirement for renewal of the Professional certificate. 
  • Professional Educator Standards Board Resource

Initial Administrator Certification (Superintendent) 

The Initial Administrator Certificate endorsed in the role of Superintendent is issued by OSPI upon verification by the Woodring Certification Office that these requirements are met:

  • A master's degree, earned from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • 45 credits in education credits beyond the bachelor's degree.
  • A valid Washington State teacher, educational staff associate, program administrator, or principal certificate or a comparable out of state certificate.
  • Successful completion of the WWU Initial Superintendent Program including coursework, the internship, a portfolio of evidence of meeting standards and a draft professional growth plan.
  • Character and Fitness Clearance is required for certification if the candidate does not hold a valid Washington State educator certificate.
  • Contact CertOffice@wwu.edu for information on the certificate application process and fee.


The Initial Administrator Certificate is valid for seven years.  Application can then be made for an Additional Initial Superintendent Certificator, or for a Continuing Superintendent Certificate if requirements are met; see options For Those Who Hold an Initial Superintendent Certificate.  

The Continuing Superintendent Certificate may be renewed through the completion of 150 clock hours or equivalent, or four annual professional growth plans, during the five year validity term of the continuing certificate.