Creating a New Page, Event, FAQ, etc.

  1. See Getting Started (above)
  2. Choose My Workbench Create Content >
    • for Departments, Programs and Offices choose Department, Program or Office page
    • for Resource Centers choose Resource Center page
    • for Department News choose Department News
    • for Events choose Events
    • for FAQs choose FAQ
    • for Scholarships choose Scholarship
  3. Select your Section
  4. Fill out the Page Title

    Note: This will become part of the URL, do not change it after the page is Published!
  5. Select and Add your Program
  6. Fill out the Body. Note: use the paste as plain text button Paste as plain text icon to paste any text, then format as necessary using Format.
  7. To create a link to this page on your left navigation menu, click Menu Settings Provide a menu link, then enter the Menu link title and select your site for the Parent item.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click the View Draft tab to preview the page, test links, etc.
  10. Change Set moderation state to Needs Review and click Apply.
  11. To publish, change Set moderation state to Published and click Apply.