A statement of support

A statement to students from the Office of the Dean

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Alternative & Augmentative Communication

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Computer Access


Photo shows user browsing items on E-ATRC shelves.

The E-ATRC houses approximately 1,000 tools and other materials that are intended to illustratively exemplify the types of items that can provide 'life and learning' support to individuals with diverse needs.

The items displayed on the E-ATRC shelves and listed in the attached LibraryWorld catalog are available for check-out by anyone who comes to the E-ATRC on the WWU campus to access our resources.

These items are categorized (both on the shelves and in the catalog) into the 'collection' names that follow. Click here to go to E-ATRC's LibraryWorld catalog and search using any of the collection names, below: 

  • Items specific to disability-related challenges:
    • Deaf / Hard of Hearing
    • Blind / Vision Impairment
    • Switches
    • Switch-operated Devices
    • Environmental Control
    • Computer Access
    • Recreation / Leisure
    • Cognition
    • Communication
    • Work Accommodations
    • Daily Routines - Self-care
    • Daily Routines - Mealtime
  • Items specific to particular topics or subjects:
    • Early Childhood
    • Literacy - Vocabulary
    • Literacy - Language Concepts
    • Literacy - Reading
    • Literacy - Writing
    • Math
    • Self-Management
    • Social Studies
    • Science
    • Health
    • Physical Education
    • Art
    • Music