Important Dates & Deadlines

Program Calendar

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The Comprehensive Exam is held once a quarter for M.Ed. candidates.  

Please submit the application form to take the comprehensive exam to Carola Williams. The form is found under Documents and Forms.  The dates of the exams are published on the form.

Please contact the Educational Administration office to arrange a specific time for the exam.

Preparing for Your Internship for 2019-20

Anyone considering a principal internship for 2019-20  must attend two critical meetings. Attend the location most convenient for you. At meeting #1, prospective interns will get detailed information about the State Funded Internship Grant and required leadership assessment materials. Meeting #2 will focus on leadership assessment and self-development initiatives. Be sure to bring your LSI 1 & 2 (leadership assessment materials) with you to this meeting.



University Dates to Know

Critical Deadlines for M.Ed. Candidates

  1. Develop your Plan of Study within your first quarter at WWU.  You will not be able to register for the second quarter until this is on file with the Graduate School.  Please fill out the Educational Administration Course Planning Guide Esign Form as soon as possible and submit to  The form is found on the student Esign form index under "E"
  2. Apply to take the Comprehensive Exam the the quarter before you plan to take it (must have 32 credits completed). The application form is listed under Documents and Forms.
  3. Approaching your graduation term, submit your Application for Degree the quarter prior to when you plan to graduate.  
    After you have passed your comps, and are ready to graduate, complete Recommendation for Degree no later than the Friday one week before the beginning of finals week the quarter you plan to graduate.

Pending M.Ed. Graduates

Planning to do a principal internship AFTER graduation?

To continue your enrollment at WWU, you must notify Carola Williams so she can have the Graduate School code you as continuing on as a post-master's candidate in the Residency Principal Certification Program

Contact Carola Williams for more info.