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Editing an Existing Page

  1. See Getting Started (above)
  2. If the page is unpublished, choose My Workbench My Drafts to find the page, otherwise navigate to the page on the Web.
  3. Click the New Draft tab
  4. Do NOT change the Page Title

    Note: This is part of the URL, any change will break links!
  5. Make text changes within the Body. Note: use the paste as plain text button Paste as plain text to paste any text, then format as necessary using Format (Normal, Heading 2-5), Bold, Italic or bullets.
  6. To link to other Web pages or create e-mail links:
    1. Use your mouse to select the text you want to link from.
    2. Click the Hyperlink Button button.
    3. Select Link Type URL for a Web page or Link Type E-mail for e-mail and enter the URL (or use Browse Server to link to a file on the WCE Website) or enter an e-mail address.
    4. Note: if linking to a PDF file or a Web page on a non-WWU site, then click the Target tab and choose Target New Window.
    5. Click OK.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click the View Draft tab to preview the page, test links, etc.
  9. Change Set moderation state to Needs Review and click Apply.
  10. To publish, change Set moderation state to Published and click Apply.