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A statement to students from the Office of the Dean

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M.Ed. - Language and Literacy

M.Ed. - Language and Literacy

This updated master’s degree is designed for educators who want to deepen their knowledge and practice in language and literacy instruction.  It is ideal for classroom teachers and those who are or want to become reading specialists or literacy coaches.  Graduates will leave with a strong understanding of literacy research and theory and effective teaching of language, reading, and writing.

Program Features

  • A rigorous program of study aligned with the standards from the National Board, the International Literacy Association with the National Council of Teachers of English, and Washington State.
  • A flexible approach that recognizes the busy schedules and demands of working professionals
  • A supportive context to explore and extend teachers’ capacity for leadership in the field
  • Active engagement and application to teachers’ daily work
  • An opportunity to work closely with expert scholars with real classroom experience

This degree program supports:

  • Teachers working on their Washington State Professional Certificate
  • Teachers who want to add a reading or ELL endorsement to their certificate
  • Teachers who want to achieve National Board Certification in Literacy: Reading/Language Arts, English as a New Language, English Language Arts, and Exceptional Needs Specialists
  • Teachers ready to move into a coaching/TOSA position
  • Teachers wanting to move into doctoral/higher education positions

Application and Admission:

The program is on a two-year cycle, admitting to begin Winter Quarter on the odd years (e.g., 2019, 2021). We begin taking applications for cohorts beginning Spring Quarter. Potential students may take courses in advance and transfer up to 9 quarter credits of graduate work.  Not all credits will count and students should get recommendations and approvals in advance.

Most successful applicants are certified P-12 teachers with at least one year experience prior to the quarter they enter the program. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis for those having non-traditional or substitute teaching experience or who wish to prepare for other positions for which this degree program would provide obvious benefits.

Application Requirements:

  • WWU Graduate School application
  • Application fee
  • Resume
  • Three (3) letters of reference
  • Statement of purpose for seeking the M.Ed., not to exceed 1 page
  • GRE, MAT scores (unless you hold a Master’s, PhD, JD, or MD)
  • Interview (only if requested by the department)

Course of Study

Students who follow the designed sequence should be able to complete the program in just under two years.

Courses are offered evenings, weekends and summers.

Foundations Courses

  • EDUC 501 – Introduction to Educational Research (4)
  • I T 515 – Literacy, Language & Technology of Communication (4)
  • ELED 587 – Improvement of Instruction in Literacy (4)

Core Courses

  • ELED 538 – Current Issues in Assessment and Evaluation in Elementary Literacy Educ. (4)
  • ELED 521 – Seminar: Teaching the Integrated Language Arts (4)
  • ELED 535 – Research Analysis of Current Issues in Elementary Education (4)

Concentration or Certificate Options

  1. Language (ELL/Bilingual Endorsement)
  2. Writing
  3. Children’s Literature
  4. Media Literacy*
  5. Teacher Leader (Ed Admin)
  6. TESOL
  7. General Language and Literacy
  8. Reading (Endorsement)

*in development

Master’s Research Project and Comprehensive Exam

  • EDUC 691 – Research Seminar and Inquiry Project (1-5)
  • Inquiry under the direction of faculty committee, presentation, and defense to Woodring faculty.
    Note: Students interested in the thesis option should speak with an advisor.

Total number of credits: 47+


Prospective M.Ed. – Language and Literacy students are invited to meet with an advisor for more information about the program.