Internship Overview

Students are required to take three internship quarters in a block sequence. Substitutions may not be made. During the first two quarters of internship, students are expected to follow the Western calendar; during the third quarter of full-time internship, students will follow the school calendar of the district in which they are teaching, not the Western calendar.

ELED Internship FAQs

September Experience

September Experience interns will observe, participate in, and reflect upon the tools, strategies, and skills that teachers use to promote a positive beginning of a new school year.  Interns will report when teachers begin the school year. It will be supervised by a September Experience Instructor.

September Experience FAQs

Content Tests

Teacher candidates must pass the content test(s) for every endorsement to be earned with a teaching certificate, prior to entering the full-time student teaching internship. Choose a test date(s) so that official scores will be available before you start your full-time internship. If applicable, schedule to take the ACTFL at least 4 weeks prior to the start of your full-time internship.

Content Test Resources