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Language, Literacy, and Cultural Studies, BAE

Language, Literacy and Cultural Studies, BAE

The Bachelor of Arts in Education: Language, Literacy, and Cultural Studies (LLC) major responds to the growing diversity in the state’s schools and supports the Woodring College of Education’s efforts to embrace diversity and promote social justice. The major focuses on research-based and experience-validated knowledge to help elementary school teachers reach all students. This includes increasing teacher candidates’ cultural competency and capacity to teach English language learners. Those who successfully complete the program will receive WWU’s recommendation for a Residency Teaching Certificate with endorsements in Elementary Education, Reading, and English Language Learners (ELL); and/or Bilingual Education (BE) after passing the state-required test in each area. Students who complete this major will also receive TESOL P-12 Focus or Bilingual Education Minor.

The LLC major was designed in response to requests from schools for elementary teachers to have the dispositions, knowledge, and skills to work with an increasingly diverse elementary student population and their families. Prior to entering the program, undergraduates will complete most or all of their general university requirements (GURs). After completion of the GURs, it will usually take eight or nine quarters to graduation, given a course load of 15-17 credits. Post-baccalaureate students must have completed a major from the approved list (see below) or call 360-650-3336 for further advisement.


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Dr. Stephanie Strachan, Program Director