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Entry & Exit Criteria

Sprouting plants with white text: Entry Criteria

  1. Successful completion of all pre-internship coursework.
  2. Successful completion of all pre-internship field experiences.
  3. Adherence to all professional expectations.
  4. Good standing status with the program and university.
  5. GPA requirement must be met.
  6. At least one attempt to pass endorsement content exam prior to the start of full-time student teaching.
  7. Department Chair and faculty approval to student teach (obtained by OFE).
  8. Current fingerprint and character clearance.
  9. Confirmation of placement made by OFE.

Dark green ivy background with white text: Exit Criteria

  1. Meet placement time and teaching requirements (start/end dates, hours, and weeks).
  2. Log all internship hours.
  3. Adherence to all professional expectations.
  4. Current fingerprint and character clearance maintained at all times.
  5. Meet all Washington Standards for Beginning Teachers and program requirements through a progression of increased responsibility including observation, planning, instruction, assessment, and reflection to be demonstrated through successful scores on the IDES (Intern Development and Evaluation System).
  6. Passage of the edTPA.
  7. Timely submission of edTPA Video Guidelines Policy Form.
  8. Timely submission of all original parent/guardian signed OFE/WWU-approved edTPA video permission forms to OFE.
  9. Completion of Pre-Professional Growth Plan (PGP).