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The Future Bilingual Teacher Fellows program is Route 1, Alternative Route to Certification partnership between Highline Schools and Western Washington University. 

Who: The two-year (8 academic quarters) program supports employed paraeducators who seek to become K-8 certified teachers.  The program began summer 2018.

Bilingual paraeducators become Bilingual Teaching Fellows in Highline Public Schools (available to current employees and new applicants).   To be considered, candidates must meet the following:

  • A Direct Transfer Agreement Associate Degree (DTA-AA) from a Washington State community college or equivalent
  • A minimum 2.75 GPA (cumulative or last 45+ graded credits)
  • Passing West-B score by June 1, 2018
  • Completion of English 101 with a grade of B- or better
  • Completion of the math prerequisite with a grade of C or better 
  • Bilingual
  • Apply as a Bilingual Fellow at Highline through https://jobs.highlineschools.org/bilingual-teaching-fellow/job/7451490


Where:  Teaching fellows work in schools throughout Highline Public Schools in southwest King county.  Classes take place in a flexible hybrid format with classes offered in the evenings, weekends and online.

When:  Cohort 2 begins Summer 2018. Fellows who complete the two year program will graduate with a bachelor’s degree and Washington State teaching certification in June of 2020.

Why:  Highline Public Schools has a bold goal that all students will graduate bilingual and biliterate, and seeks to recruit bilingual teachers from the community. Woodring College of Education has a commitment to increasing the number of bilingual teachers from the communities in which they live.

How:  Bilingual teaching fellows work full time in paraeducator roles, maintaining regular salary and benefits.  Through their work as paraeducators, they practice and deepen their study with Western Washington University’s Woodring College of Education.  

How much:  An $8,000/year conditional loan, for each of the two years, covers most of the tuition, leaving participants with about $4,350/year to pay in remaining tuition and other fees.  Additional financial aid opportunities may be available through Western Washington University.  

Endorsements offered: Elementary Education, English Language Learners, Bilingual, and Reading.

Additional Information:

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