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Travel Reimbursement

Travel Expense Management System:

Authorization and reimbursement of all travel is processed through the Travel Expense Management (TEM) system.

Overnight Travel:

Most overnight travel generally requires individual authorization for each trip.  Professional development travel is an example that requires individual trip authorization.  Travelers have three options:

  1. Initiate the Travel Authorization Report (TA) themselves and route for budget approval.
  2. Provide your "travel delegate" with the information needed for the delegate to initiate the TA for you. 


Day Trip Reimbursement:

Each quarter questions can arise about mileage reimbursement for instructors or staff traveling to recruiting events, field visits or official program or department meetings.  Generally the department arranges for a "blanket" Travel Authorization Report (TA) for full-time faculty and staff who are expected to be required to travel throughout the year.  The blanket TA generally is renewed in early September each year.  Default budget codes are assigned to travelers based upon their program and site.

Prior Approval Required for Reimbursement: Faculty and staff engaged in regular day trip travel should make sure that a current "blanket" Travel Authorization Request (TA) is on file for them.  The department initiates a blanket TA annually for each staff or faculty known to require day trip reimbursement regularly (internship visits or department meetings).  TA's are valid for travel through August 31st each year, using a special request process.  Call 650.2460 to request one, if needed.

NOTE:  Overnight or other special travel not covered by the blanket TA typically require a separate TA for each trip.  Click to access Travel Authorization Request.

Request for Reimbursement Must Be Submitted Within 60 Days of traveling.  According to federal law and university policy, you MUST request reimbursement for travel expenses within 60 days of travel to be non-taxable to the employee.  Click to access Travel Expense Management (TEM).

MyWestern > Employee > Travel & Expense Management (TEM) > Expense Manager > Authorization Reports Tab > Select Blanket TA > enter in trip data etc.

Record Keeping Requirements:

  1. Keep track of the following information for each field visit made during the quarter:
    1. Use the Mileage Report to track your quarterly mileage.
    2. Send your completed form to cheryl.mathison@wwu.edu

Day trips where you are in travel status more than eleven hours may be eligible for meal reimbursement (with receipts) up to per diem. Check in advance with the department.

Please call 650-2460 if you have any questions or want to discuss any specific situation specific to you.  Please contact the Travel Desk (x3341) with questions concerning the TEM system.

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