Application Dates and Requirements

Application Dates 

Fall Quarter Applications:  Due March 1 for Bellingham, Everett, and Distance-Learning Programs

Winter Quarter  Applications: Due August 15 for the Bellingham Program ONLY

Spring and Summer quarters there is no program admission.

* Applications are accepted after the priority dates above on a space available basis until cohort is full.
** Returning students may be accepted any quarter.  Please contact Human Services staff at the location you would like to attend before applying.

Application Requirements

  • You are a WWU student or have applied to WWU.  Plan to apply to both Human Services and WWU at the same time.

  • You have completed your General University Requirements, either by attending WWU or earning a Washington State Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) from a Washington State Community College. ( NOTE- You need to apply for graduation from your Community College in order to have your completed DTA on record when it is sent to WWU.) OR You have 10 or less GUR credits to complete by the first day of the quarter for which you are applying.

  • You have a minimum 2.75 GPA. 

  • You have completed and returned with your application materials the following three writing prompts, double spaced, with your name and the prompt you are responding to clearly displayed in document header.

  1.  Essay, up to 500 words:  Respond to the following question:  What leads you to believe that you are well suited to be a Human Services professional and that Human Services is the right academic major for you?

  2.  Human Service Experience/Interest Summary, up to 250 words:  Summarize up to three of the most meaningful human services-related experiences you have had, which have influenced your decision to enter the field.  This may include providing services such as paid work, volunteer efforts or academic work; or being on the receiving end of human services interventions/programs.

  3. Social Justice Summary, up to 250 words:  Summarize any personal experiences, skills, or characteristics that support your ability to work with traditionally marginalized populations.

  • You have enclosed copies of all UNOFFICIAL college transcripts

  • You have read and signed the Professional Expectations Contract included in the application

  • You have read and signed the Essential Functions Self-Assessment included in the application.

  • You have completed the Conviction Disclosure section of the application.

  •  You have completed Technology Self-Assessment. 


** Please note that applying to the program does not guarantee admission.  All students are responsible for completing their GURs if entering the program without a DTA or completed General University Requirements from WWU or another university/college.