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A statement to students from the Office of the Dean

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Distance Learning

Why Distance-Learning?

The Distance-Learning Program brings the Human Services faculty and curriculum to learners throughout the state of Washington and is designed specifically to serve place-bound students. Western Washington University’s Woodring College of Education actively seeks ways to provide access to higher education for individuals on the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas and in other underserved areas of the state. One of these opportunities is the Human Services Distance-Learning Program, an upper division major that utilizes mixed modalities with an emphasis on technology to enable students to complete a bachelor’s degree from Western.

Delivery Mode

Human Services Distance-Learning is a full-time 75 credit major beginning in fall quarter each year and delivered over five consecutive quarters, excluding summer. The core course work is delivered online via web-based learning and includes direct supervision at field sites during the three required internships. High-speed internet access is strongly recommended in order to take full advantage of learning in a technology rich environment. To complete the major, students take 15 credits for each of five quarters. Since 180 credits are required to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts, it is recommended that applicants complete up to 105 transferable credits at a Washington State community college before entering Western Washington University. Students transferring in fewer than 105 credits can take electives during their sixth quarter in the program to reach the 180 total credits necessary for the BA degree. 

Curriculum, Application Process, Tuition, and Admission Requirements

To provide an interdisciplinary and systems-oriented theoretical lens by which to view the profession, the curriculum is grounded in a series of six sequential courses with an optimal balance between course content and experiential learning that meets national standards in human service education. Concurrently, students enroll in required knowledge and skills-based courses preparing them for careers in both direct service delivery and human services administration. Links to the program overview, curriculum, application process, and tuition for self-supporting programs can be found on the left side of this screen.

Requirements for admission to the Human Services Program include:

  • Admission to Western Washington University
  • Cumulative college level GPA of 2.75
  • Within 5 credits of a direct transfer degree from a Washington State community college or equivalent
  • Completion of a program application, including essay
  • Successful completion of a Washington State criminal history background check
  • Indication of ability and willingness to meet essential functions while enrolled in the major

Advising and Additional Information

Please contact hs.distance@wwu.edu or call 360.475.7507 for additional information.