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Instructional Technology

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Dr. Paula Dagnon discusses Blended Learning

About Instructional Technology

Instructional technology encompasses technologies, theories, and models from a wide range of disciplines such as computer science, media production, psychology, instructional design, and educational practice. Instructional technology is largely concerned with the application of electronic technology to the instructional environment and includes applications such as computer-based training, web-based learning, distance learning, and interactive multimedia.

Professionals in instructional technology work in a wide range of jobs such as:

  • Classroom teachers who model the effective use of technology
  • Interactive multimedia developers
  • Instructional designers
  • Technology coordinators
  • Technology coaches/staff development providers

The Instructional Technology program offers instruction and research opportunities in the use of instructional technology in education and training including effective use of technology, interactive media, distance delivery of information, and instructional design involving computer technology. The program's offerings are designed for those who wish to improve or develop their abilities to select, use, adapt, and create learning materials incorporating technology. This program provides teachers and trainers with the background necessary to integrate instructional technology into their lessons.

Competency in the Use of Instructional Technology

The program administers the Competency in the Use of Instructional Technology requirement for Woodring College of Education. Students admitted to programs in Woodring College of Education are required to possess competence in the use of instructional technology in education prior to completion of their program and, when applicable, prior to being recommended for certification. Completion of IT442, IT443, SEC444, IT544, IT546, or equivalent with a grade of C or higher demonstrates this competency. Entrance into IT442, IT443, or SEC444 requires the completion of a course on basic instructional technology skills. For additional information, contact Dr. Paula Dagnon.

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