LIHI/WWU Mentoring Project

Why I Want to Be a Mentor

The Low-Income Housing Institute (LIHI) and Western Washington University Woodring College of Education are partnering for a community based mentoring project. The project is a $30,000 initiative sponsored by Bruce Shepard, President of Western Washington University.  It seeks to emphasize Western's support of social justice, inclusion and diversity in education. Mentors will be from North Seattle Community CollegeSeattle Central Community College, and South Seattle Community College. The mentors will engage in one-on-one tutoring empowering LIHI residents to develop digital and job hunting/soft skills. The project is based in Seattle and is one year long.

Residents will meet once a week with a tutor to work on digital skills, anything from writing an e-mail to a family member, to creating a resume or applying for a job online.

Western's role is to facilitate the action research project by recruiting tutors, providing online training concerning cultural sensitivity and adult education, and conducting pre and post project research.

LIHI provides affordable housing in six counties in Western Washington and is responsible for housing over 4,000 people. Many of the LIHI residents have come from homelessness or are refugees.

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What is the LIHI/WWU Mentoring Project?

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