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Linking to a PDF or Word File

  1. See Getting Started (above)
  2. Upload your file to the web server (see Adding a PDF or Word File)
  3. Go to the Web page where you want to add the link
  4. Select New Draft or Edit Draft to edit the page
  5. Type in or locate the text you want to put the link on
  6. Highlight the text from #5 and select the LinkIt button
    Clicking on the LinkIt button
  7. Type in the first few letters of the name of your file
    Searching for content to link to
  8. Choose the file from the list (type more letters to refine the search)
    Choosing a file to link to
  9. Under Options, set the Target to New Window for PDF files
    Configuring a link to open in a new window
  10. Click Insert link
  11. Save and Publish your page