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Der Stürmer

Der Stürmer was a Nazi propaganda newspaper first published in 1923. The newspaper was founded by Julius Streicher. By the time Hitler rose to power in 1933, Der Stürmer was one of the most popular Nazi publications with a circulation of about 25,000. The newspaper used crude and aggressive language in its articles. The antisemitic cartoons of Philipp Rupprecht became the trademark of the newspaper. The newspaper continued to be published until 1945. Julius Streicher was convicted and executed for crimes against humanity in 1946.

- Information from The Simon Wiesenthal Center

Text translation for this page was completed by WWU graduate student Louise Nick.

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Title: Vienna Photo Essay



C: Shortly before the coup. A Jew toasts to Schuschnigg. The surrounding National Socialists only laugh.

D:"Lining up. One crook bigger than the other."

E: "A real Talmud Jew. He is still doing excellently and he has every reason to smile."

F: From the fighting days. National Socialists are being led away by the police.

G: Three characters form Leopoldstadt

H: "Jewish bloodsuckers and exploiters of the people."



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A: Where Jewish hate in wild palaver overflows into cascades of insult. There the flag, used for decoration is only being soiled.

B: Frances's dreams of Turkey. In the smoke of the Turkish Pipe a new plan ripens. Is France completely turning into prostitute of cunning Talmud-brains.

C: The Emigrant. When I asked the wanderer, "Where are you going?", he said: "To foreign countries, because I am a Jew."

D: The "Foreigner". Recently I asked the Jew: "How did you get back?" "As resident alien", he said and laughed.

E: Ha, how the dummies crowd around the Jewish trough Fed with lies and money they contaminate the whole world

F: The Partition. When they lust after that which is forbidden they risk breaking their necks and legs

G: A dark matter. Go ahead, investigate, because the process invariably turns up a Jew.

H: Restless Palestine. My God, one should think it over. Maybe one's arrival will be an inconvenience.

I: The End of the Jewish Conference. Finished is the Jew's trick at beautiful Geneva. The oy wey - screamers were pelted with old fruit and rotten eggs