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Remembering the Past,
Learning from the Present, 

Healing for the Future

The Northwest Center for Holocaust, Genocide and Ethnocide Education is a project at Western Washington University, begun in September of 1998, to assist educators in the design and implementation of Holocaust, genocide and ethnocide-related studies and is dedicated to remembering and learning from the past in order to promote the human rights of all people.

The NWCHGEE's initiatives and activities are consistent with House Bill 2212, which states:

Every public high school is encouraged to include in its curriculum, instruction on the events of the period in modern world history known as the Holocaust, during which six million Jews and millions of non-Jews were exterminated. The instruction may also include other examples from both ancient and modern history where subcultures or large human populations have been eradicated by the acts of mankind. The studying of this material is a reaffirmation of the commitment of free peoples never again to permit such occurrences....

-Excerpt from chapter 28A.300 RCW, House Bill 2212

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Our logo serves as a visual representation of the efforts of the NWCHGEE to use scholarship, service, and teaching to actualize its mission. Its designer, AJ Barse, explains each of the components in the symbol here.

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