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A statement to students from the Office of the Dean

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North Seattle Elementary Education

Internship Sequence​

Undergraduate candidates from the North Seattle Elementary Education Program complete a two-quarter student teaching internship sequence during their final year in the program.
  • Fall term (part-time): Starts whenever your public school begins (late-August/early-September). For the first three weeks of September, you will spend 30 hours in the classroom (about 10 hours per week). Once WWU starts in late September, you will spend the equivalent of one full day per week during the WWU term (about 70 hours).
  • Winter term (full-time): Starts when teachers report back to work in January; ends the Friday of WWU’s winter final’s week.

Post-bac candidates complete a year-long internship of Fall (part-time), Winter (part-time), and Spring (full-time). See calendars on the Internship Materials page for details.

Important Note: Undergraduate students who desire to add the Special Education endorsement would complete another full-time internship Spring term after the Elementary Education internship is completed. To apply for the Special Education endorsement:
  • Complete the Placement Information Form for the spring Special Education placement.
  • Submit this form no later than November 1 of the internship year for the next spring placement. Save the file using the same application naming convention but add SPED after the term.

Grade/Area Choices

Indicate your preferred grade ranges and districts on the Placement Information Form. Note that while we will do our best to place you according to your preferences, these choices are not guaranteed.

The following areas may be requested but require a petition. Petitions must be submitted by the time you submit your student teaching application:

  • Any Washington State district outside of Snohomish and King Counties
  • Out of state
Important Note: Placements are unavailable in Portland, Oregon or anywhere in Multnomah County (greater Portland area). The districts in that county do not host out of state candidates.

What's Next?

After submitting your internship application, you can plan ahead for this exciting time in your program by reviewing the following information: