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Woodring College of Education is hosted four teacher education students and one faculty member – Tatiana Goldrine, from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica – Valparaiso (Chile) during 2014 winter quarter. Left to right above, Dr. Fernando Rodríguez, Dr. Jorge Gálvez, and Dr. Luis Espinoza (Catholic University of Valpariso), Dean of CHSS LeaAnn Martin, and Woodring College Dean Francisco Rios.

Internationalizing WCE through Student Exchange

Interview with Javier Espinoza (Exchange Student) and Dr. Rosalie Romano



In February 2012, Universidad Catolica de Temuco (UCT) visited Woodring College of Education. Paula Riquelme UCT Dean of Education, and Tania Tagle, professor of English Language education were provided a grant through the Chilean government and Partners of the Americas to visit WA State colleges of education in order to learn about how to strengthen teacher preparation in Chile.  Rosalie Romano and Molly Ware shared WCE innovations in pedagogy, sparking the interest of both Paula and Tania. Plans were made to develop more substantial sharing, and a WCE International grant provided support for Molly and Rosalie to travel for a site visit to UCT in March 2013 and to meet the two UCT exchange students who would be coming to WWU to take pedagogy and ELL courses in our college.

In Temuco, they met Javier Espinoza (spring term 2013) and Alvaro Habert (fall term 2013) who would study at WCE for one term. Drs. Romano and Ware's vision is to begin an ongoing student exchange to both universities, and develop faculty exchanges and research collaborations with UCT/WWU.

The video interview highlights Javier's learning experiences at Woodring College of Education.

Exit Interview with Alvaro Habert and Dr. Molly Ware