A statement of support

A statement to students from the Office of the Dean

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Placement Details

Two hands putting puzzle pieces together in background. Text in white: Who makes the placements?

All student teaching placements are made by OFE personnel.

A successful placement requires working with school districts, candidates, faculty, cooperating teachers, and university supervisors while adhering to strict state requirements.

Due to the complexities that go into making each placement, you may not contact school and/or district personnel to arrange your own student teaching placement under any circumstances. Other non-OFE personnel also may not make these inquiries on your behalf.

Map with camera in background. Text: where will I be placed?

Placements are chosen with the intention of:

  • maximizing diverse experiences
  • adhering to program and state requirements
  • expanding opportunities based on your goals and input

See your program information for details and any restrictions that apply to your specific program.

Books in background. White text: Will I be on WWU's schedule?

The start date, end date, and break schedule depend on your program. Some interns do not take WWU's Spring Break due to program length requirements.

Please review your program information for details on your internship sequence. You can also download a program calendar on the Internship Materials page. when calendars for your term become available.

Hand drawing diagram in background. Text: Who will supervise me?

  • Your Cooperating Teacher (CT) will be well-versed in your endorsement area(s) and have 3+ years full-time teaching experience and experience mentoring adult learners.
  • Your University Intern Coordinator (UIC) will collaborate with you and school personnel to aid in successful evaluation, support, and mentorship.

Colorful polaroids in background. Text: Can I be placed in a familiar school?

Candidates may not be placed where they attended school, worked, or have a personal connection. Per State WAC 181-78A-125(1(b) and our memorandums of understanding with school districts, these situations present a conflict of interest that could interfere with objective evaluation.

  • Work does not include program practicum placements.
  • Candidates may not be placed in a school they attended as a P-12 student.
  • Candidates may not be placed where they have a personal connection (friend, relative, or other connection working at or attending the school).
    • If the connection is in one school within a district, other district schools may be considered.
Student teaching in a school where you have a personal connection could be viewed as favoritism or inequity. Placements that put any teacher or administrator in a sensitive position endanger future interns' placements and our partnerships.