Questions about Coronavirus and Spring Quarter?

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Why is there a background check? Are there things that might disqualify me from being admitted to the program?

Rehabilitation counselors often work with individuals who are vulnerable as a result of their disability, or who may be at a vulnerable point in their lives.

Entry into the program is automatically denied for applicants guilty of the following:

  • first, second, or third degree assault of a child;
  • first, second, or third degree rape;
  • first, second, or third degree rape of a child;
  • incest;
  • sexual exploitation of minors;
  • child abuse or neglect as defined in RCW 26.44.020;
  • first or second degree custodial sexual misconduct;
  • first, second, or third degree child molestation;
  • first or second degree sexual misconduct with a minor;
  • patronizing a juvenile prostitute;
  • child abandonment;
  • child buying or selling;
  • or any of these crimes as they may be renamed in the future.

For all other crimes, consideration is given to the type of convictions for any other crimes not listed above.