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Replacing PDF, Word and JPG Files

  1. See Getting Started (above)
  2. On the top editing menu, under Content, click Files.
  3. Beneath the Files tab, click Files.
    Viewing the list of files
  4. Type in the first part of the file name in Name and click Apply or optionally click the Title column heading to reorder the files and the page buttons at the bottom of the screen to navigate to the file you want to replace.
  5. Click the filename of the file to be replaced under the Title column.
  6. Click the Edit tab
  7. Under Media Folder, select Media Root (exception: if your program is listed under Media Root, then select it).
  8. Under Replace File, click Browse to find the new file you want to upload from your computer or the P drive.
  9. Be sure to select Keep original filename.
    Keep original file option
  10. Click Save, your file should be replaced and you won’t have to update the hyperlinks to the file on your pages.
  11. Note: please exercise caution, this is a shared space like the P drive, so please take care to only replace your own files. Also, Do Not Delete any files.