How soon after completion of my internship will I get my Certificate?

Temporary teaching permits will normally be received within 1-2 weeks from the time the Certification Office receives clearance from the Office of Field Experiences that the final student teaching evaluation is completed.  The permanent certificate is usually processed within 2-3 months, mailed from OSPI to the Certification Office, then forwarded to you.  Depending on the program, different addresses are used and must be kept current; undergraduate and MIT are mailed to the "diploma" address, and post-bac are mailed to the "permanent" address.

This timeline presumes you submitted the application to the Certification Office on time and provided all necessary documentation.  If the application or documentation are turned in late, delays will result. 

NOTE: Fingerprint clearance must be valid through the time you are recommend for your permanent certificate.

In order to sign a teaching contract, you are required to have the certificate number from either your temporary or permanent certificate.