Master in Teaching (MIT) - Bellingham

Welcome to the Secondary Education Master in Teaching (MIT) website, prepared to assist prospective students to successfully apply and for current candidates in completing the Secondary Education MIT program.  Our program is designed for those wishing to earn Washington State Residency Teacher Certification while completing graduate-level coursework.  This is a field-based program, providing opportunities each quarter for candidates to work in the field and integrate this experience into graduate coursework.


Program Application Information
The subject area that you want to teach in middle and/or high school classrooms must meet the requirements in a qualifying endorsement program (  Before applying, review the endorsement requirements to determine your readiness to apply, and send unofficial transcripts to the Woodring Certification Officer. To apply, you create an online account through the Graduate School and upload all required documents by the application deadline. If you are interested in teaching Music, special advising is required so please contact Patty Bourne before applying.  

Applications and all supporting materials must be received by the following deadlines:

  • Fall quarter:  February 1
  • Winter quarter:  September 1


Graduate School Requirements

  • Baccalaureate degree.
  • Minimum 3.0 grade point average, for the most recent 90 quarter or 60 semester credits, including upper division post-baccalaureate coursework.
  • Unofficial transcripts from all post-secondary institutions; official transcripts will be required if admitted.
  • Online application form and fee.
  • Three letters of reference.

Additional Woodring Requirements

  • WEST-B requirement (see information below).
  • Academic preparation for a qualifying endorsement, with no more than 10 credits remaining in endorsement coursework, or have special permission from the department, and a signed/dated endorsement evaluation.
  • Résumé.
  • Statement of purpose and Supplemental essays NEW WRITING PROMPTS WILL BE POSTED IN FEBRUARY 2017 FOR WINTER 2018 APPLICANTS.
  • Completion of an English composition course with a grade of B or higher.
  • Interview by Secondary Education faculty on Western’s campus.
    • Interviews for fall 2017 applicants will take place on Friday, February 24th (or, possibly on Saturday, February 25th); details will be sent to applicants.

Further Notes on MIT Requirements:

Application Deadline
February 1 for fall quarter admission; and, September 1 for winter quarter admission.

An endorsement designates the subject area for teaching in middle and/or high school classrooms, and is typically the academic major for one's baccalaureate degree.  Applicants must be prepared to enter the program with no more than 10 credits remaining in their endorsement coursework, or have special permission from the department.

WEST-B Requirement
The Washington Education Skills Test- Basic (WEST-B) requirement can be met by a) passing the WEST-B exam, b) SAT minimum scores, and/or c) ACT minimum scores. For details, see the WEST-B Requirement website. Official passing scores must be on file by the application due date- request for electronic score reports be sent to the main WWU Admissions Office.

The Graduate School minimum requirement is 3.0; however, if an applicant’s GPA is slightly below a 3.0 but they demonstrate strength in all other components of the application, a provisional admission may be considered.

Three Letters of Reference
There should be one letter from someone who can attest to academic strength in the major – preferably a university professor.  Another letter should be from someone who can speak to the applicant's experiences with youth and/or diverse populations.  The third letter can be from either of these, or perhaps a character reference; however, letters should not be from family members or roommates.  The online application includes a reference request process that will send emails to the recommenders you specify and provide them with a form to make their recommendations.

For prompts A, B, and C, we want to know about the important aspects of who you are as a person and the commitments you will bring to teaching. Add your name and the prompt letter to the top of each page. Use 12pt font, double-spaced, length should be 1-2 pages.

Prompt A.  Statement of Purpose-  First, state the name(s) of the subject area - teaching endorsement(s) - you will obtain; see Endorsements.  Tell us about your experiences with young people and how these experiences have inspired you to become a teacher. These experiences may include a broad range of volunteer or paid activities. How have your experiences working with youth led you to consider becoming a teacher? What skills and understanding did you develop that you think are important for teaching? What personal characteristics do you possess that you think will make you an effective teacher?

Prompt B.  Supplemental Essay-  The Woodring College vision is to “foster community relationships and a culture of learning that advance knowledge, embrace diversity, and promote social justice.” This vision establishes the educational values that guide the College.

Given this vision and your understanding of your major, please tell us why you believe your academic major is an important subject to teach in the high school/middle school classroom. How do you think you can foster an appreciation for this subject among ALL learners in a diverse society?

Prompt C.  Supplemental Essay-  Choose one of the following prompts.  In your essay, reflect on what you learned from the experience that will influence you as a teacher:

  • Describe a time in your life when you encountered a problem or adversity. What was the problem? How did you handle the situation?
  • Describe a time when you changed your perception of an idea, a person, or an event. Provide information regarding the context and explain what led you to change your mind.
  • Describe a time when you were very uncomfortable, when you were experiencing conflict, or when your assumptions were challenged. What did you do?

Interviews for fall 2017 applicants will take place on Friday, February 24th (or, possibly on Saturday, February 25th); details will be sent to applicants approximately February 7.
The on-campus interview with Secondary Education faculty is a key component of the application process, as it provides critical information about the interpersonal and communication skills essential for teacher education candidates.  It is also a great opportunity for applicants to learn more about the Secondary MIT program and faculty to determine if this is a good “fit”.

Plan ahead to attend the interview, which is usually 3-4 weeks after the application deadline. If an applicant has commitments that cannot be changed, or is out of reasonable travel distance, they can interview via SKYPE (with early notification).

Application Process

  • Applicants submit all documentation to the Graduate School.
  • Completed applications are forwarded to Secondary Education for review.
  • Faculty and staff review the applications and evaluate the status of the endorsement requirements.
  • Applicants will receive details about the on-campus interview.
  • After the interview, generally 7-10 days, Secondary Education makes recommendations to the Graduate School.
  • A few days after receiving the department recommendation, the Graduate School notifies applicants of their admission by e-mail.

Application note:  the State of Washington requests the following from teacher education applicants, however the information WILL NOT be used in the review of your application.

Which most closely reflects the highest education level of your parent(s) and/or guardian(s)?

  • Some high school, high school diploma, or GED
  • Some college, college, graduate school

Is your first language English?

  • Yes
  • No


Admitted Candidates
All new candidates attend a mandatory day-long orientation the day before classes begin and meet with the Secondary graduate advisors.  You will have an assigned advisor to assist with course planning and serve as a mentor throughout the program.  Candidates will complete a Graduate Plan of Study (POS) which serves as a contract with the Graduate School; any revisions must be approved by your graduate advisor and Graduate School.

Student Teaching (Internship)
At the completion of all Secondary and endorsement coursework, candidates are recommended for a quarter-long student teaching internship.  The internship is an opportunity for you to develop from a teacher candidate to a professional educator, and can open doors for future employment.  In order to devote full time attention to the internship, we encourage candidates not to hold jobs during this time.  We understand that realistically this may not always be possible; yet, we advise against excessive time commitments that could adversely affect performance in the internship.  For more information about the internship, please visit the Office of Field Experience.  During the student teaching internship, the Secondary department will initiate an Application for Degree.

Capstone/Research Course
After successfully completing the student teaching internship, candidates enroll in a 4-credit capstone/research course (Sec 691).

Program Completion
To be eligible for degree recommendation, candidates must:

  • Meet all Teacher Certification requirements.
  • Complete Secondary and endorsement coursework.
  • Receive a passing score in Content Test for endorsement(s).
  • Have current fingerprint/character and fitness clearance.
  • Successfully complete all program courses.