A statement of support

A statement to students from the Office of the Dean

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Prospective Students

The information below includes tips to how to prepare for Secondary Education programs and links to related topics.

  1. Academic preparation
    • Endorsement- get an endorsement evaluation
      • Get copies of transcripts
        • Note- many faculty are unavailable during summer months, so applicants with a Sept./Oct. application deadline should get their transcripts evaluated by the end of May.
        • Current WWU students should contact your academic department advisor.
        • Post-bac. and MIT applicants must include course descriptions and/or syllabi for relevant courses to your endorsement.
        • Post-bac. applicants, send materials to CertOffice@wwu.edu.
        • MIT applicants request an evaluation in your online application.
    • Transfer Course Equivalency Guide- self-check the courses from other institutions that can serve as WWU substitute course
    • Academic department advisors
    • Post-bac. or MIT- if you need to take WWU courses prior to applying to SEC program
  2. Meeting other application requirements

Planning WWU coursework:

Woodring College, WWU, and teacher-related information: