Secondary Education

Scholarship Opportunity!
The State of Washington is about to launch a teacher shortage conditional grant to provide assistance, during 2017-18, to candidates who have unmet financial need and are committed to teaching in a state-wide shortage area (generally sciences, math, English language learner, bilingual ed., and early/special ed.) OR who are committed to teaching in a hard-to-staff district OR in a shortage area unique to a district.  There is a teaching service obligation (2 years for every year a candidate receives the grant) and the maximum award is up to $10,000 depending upon the financial need and fund availability.  Applications are open on May 1 and are due May 26th.  For more information, visit the Ready, Set, Grad Teacher Grant Programs at

Welcome Students and Visitors!

Hours: M-F, 8:00am-5:00pm.  Phone: (360) 650-3327.  Miller Hall 400

Department Chair, Kevin Roxas, Miller Hall 401B​

Department Manager, Janna Cecka, Miller Hall 401C

Department Coordinator, Christina Carlson, Miller Hall 401A

Prospective students are required to have pre-advising with our department to learn more about our programs and application requirements, and early advising is highly encouraged.  

Application deadlines:

  • Fall quarter:  February 1, for Master in Teaching program
  • Fall quarter:  March 1, for Undergraduate/Post-Bac. program
  • Winter quarter:  September 1, both programs

Programs Offered

Undergraduate / Post-Baccalaureate Program

Master in Teaching Program, Bellingham
                               (for Everett campus MIT, see

Secondary Education offers two teacher preparation programs for those wishing to teach in middle and/or high school.  Our applicants are prepared in a specific content area, the academic subject, by meeting the requirements in their qualifying endorsement ("content area", "academic subject", "major", and "endorsement" are often synonymous with the middle/high school classroom subject).  The Secondary Education curriculum is carefully sequenced to provide professional, comprehensive, learning and field-focused experiences. Please read our department's Guiding Principles to learn more about what drives our teacher education programs toward excellence.  Students who successfully complete Secondary Education programs are recommended for residency teacher certification in the state of Washington.