Financial Aid

What will the program cost?

Student participants will be responsible for the following estimated out-of-pocket expenses (unless supplemented through the grant or other resources from the Teacher Preparation Program, District, and/or other partners as listed as supplemented). Below are the fees and approximate dates for the 2016-2017 cohort:

WWU Application Fee

$ 55.00

Course Textbooks

$800.00  (estimated)

West B Pre-Admission Tests

$120.00  (plus registration fee of $35 / session)

Out of Pocket Tuition Costs

$2720.00   (beyond the $8000 conditional loan scholarship)

EdTPA Scoring Fee
(Spring 2017)


WEST E Test Fee for Content Area

$155.00 (including registration fee)

WEST-E Test Fee for ELL
(Summer 2017)

$155.00 (including registration fee)

Endorsement Certificate Fee

$124.00  (current fee if all endorsements completed at program end)

Bilingual WEST-E Test Fee

$155.00  (including registration – only for qualified individuals)

ACTFL Foreign Language Exam

Only needed for Bilingual Endorsement Seekers

$ 80.00  (estimated – only for qualified individuals)

Additional Endorsement Certificate Fee

$  54.00  (current fee to add after initial program completion)


Out-Of-Pocket Costs

For Each Participant

$4429.00 (for Secondary 6-12 content area & Ell Endorsements)

Optional for Eligible Candidates

$289.00  (For Bilingual Endorsements for Eligible Candidates)

NOTE:  Classes will be held at both Everett Community College and at Skagit Valley College throughout the program’s duration. So costs for transportation is also a consideration that will be factored into financial aid awards. We did not set a price in the schedule above as this will vary so widely. We will help to facilitate car pools for those who want to travel together.


What financial aid is available?

The program will have 20 Conditional Loan Scholarships of $8000 to award to teacher candidates admitted to the program by June 1, 2016. We encourage all candidates to submit a FAFSA form to determine eligibility for financial aid. We also encourage candidates to apply for scholarships through Woodring College of Education and other sources.  Many scholarships are need based and some ask for the FAFSA score to determine need.


What is a conditional loan scholarship?

The state offers qualified candidates financial support through an $8000 loan that becomes a scholarship once the candidate has completed 2 year of teaching.  It is conditional, if the candidate decides not to pursue teaching or leaves the field before 2 years, then they are responsible for repaying all or part of the loan with interest. The state also asks program providers to offer teacher candidates a reduced rate of tuition to limit the cost of the program.  In the case of SEED, the conditional loan pays nearly 80% of the tuition for the entire program but as noted there are additional costs listed above.