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A statement to students from the Office of the Dean

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Exceptionality and Disability, BAE

We believe that all people can live, learn, play, and work together in inclusive communities.

Exceptionality and Disability, BAE (Click to access catalog)

If you want to work with individuals (e.g., children, youth, and adults) with disabilities across school settings, organizations, and community settings but do not want to be a public school teacher, then this program is for you.

At the end of your program, you may seek employment opportunities with local or state agencies. You will be uniquely prepared with an understanding of how community services and schools intersect. The distinction between this program and the certification programs is that you will be prepared to work with individuals with disabilities and their families across a wide-range of settings, not limited to schools. This option will also prepare you to provide direct services, such as supported employment and other related vocational endeavors, such as advocacy.

The Special Education Department offers exemplary faculty, small class sizes, and extensive field experiences. Candidates complete their program as thoughtful, knowledgeable, and effective professionals.

You can access the university catalog through the link above. The catalog will give you more information about the program and the requirements. If you are interested in this program, please click on the sidebar for “Interested Students.” This will provide you more information about admission and registration.