A statement of support

A statement to students from the Office of the Dean

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Statement to Students from the Office of the Dean

Dear students affiliated with the Woodring College of Education,

The recent murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and of many other black Americans at the hands of police forces have horrified the nation and the entire world.  We stand against these horrific acts of injustice that have recently occurred as well as the long history of racial violence and discrimination. We have spoken and exchanged emails with a number of our black colleagues and students and we know they are suffering, experiencing despair, and grief, but also at times hopeful about change. We want to express our support to each of you. We are thinking of you and want you to know that we stand with you, and you are not alone.

We want to acknowledge that structural racism is deeply rooted in our history and reflected in our everyday lives. We want to add our voices to the nation-wide protests aimed at identifying and dismantling systems of oppression which have been reproduced over the years, such as the ones reflected in police repression against blacks and other marginalized communities.

We also realize that structural changes require personal and collective involvement. It requires systemic efforts. We want to express determination to continue doing everything we can to implement Woodring's strategic plan, and revise and improve our institutional practices and policies to promote social justice. An important part of this effort will be the continuous improvement of our curriculum to open up new opportunities to strengthen anti-racism teaching and learning, consistent with our college vision and mission.


Horacio Walker, Dean  

Bruce Larson, Incoming Interim Dean

Tracy Coskie, Co-Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Jackie Sennett, Co-Associate Dean for Student Services                                               

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