Technology Services - Backup Information

Use Cloud Storage for Backup

See Introduction to OneDrive for Business for information on using your 1TB OneDrive (cloud storage) space to store your files and folders and access them from anywhere on any device. Or, follow the instructions below.

Windows Computers

All Windows PCs at Woodring are configured with a Backup icon on the desktop (contact us if the icon is missing).

  • Please remember to run the Backup program daily by double-clicking on it. Your computer must be connected to the network and logged into the WWU network. If your computer is off-campus, you must first connect via VPN.
  • The small amount of time Backup takes to copy your work could save you hours and hours if something happens to your computer.
  • Backup will backup one copy of all the files and folders within your Desktop, My Documents, and Favorites to your private network U: drive.
    • All files/folders changed since the last backup will be copied.
    • Backup will NOT backup your My Music, My Pictures, or My Videos folders. If you have photos, music or video to backup, you should copy them to a CD/DVD or an external hard drive.
    • You can prevent any folder (and the files within) from being backed up by naming it NoBackup.
    • Remember to exit programs before running Backup, so that the current files you are working on can be backed up.
  • Backup can also be configured to run automatically at a time of your choosing (using the Windows Task Scheduler). Please enter a tech request if you would like this configured on your computer.
  • Be aware that there is a finite amount of space on your U: drive for backup. If this space is full, then some files will not get backed up. Look for an "out of disk space" message in the backup window and let us know if this happens.

Mac Computers

  • Those of you using Macs will need to backup to the network manually. See the bottom of the How to Connect to Networked Drives page. Then manually copy your files and folders to your private U (Home) network area. Note: Unfortunately Time Machine is not fully compatible with the WWU network, but you can use it to backup to an external hard drive if you have one.