Elementary and Special Education Program


Educators in today’s world need a broad understanding of the fundamental right and value of including all children from a variety of backgrounds; including, but not limited to, socio-economic status, language, ethnicity, and ability. This major and professional training program focuses upon educational inclusion for our nation’s increasingly diverse population. Therefore, this program provides candidates with the understandings and skills necessary to navigate the complex systems of teaching and learning within the school and community environments.

This 8-quarter program integrates studies in Elementary Education, Special Education, and across nine additional disciplines including Art, Math, Science, Health, Instructional Technology, and Physical Education. The coursework for this undergraduate program is offered in a prescribed sequence with evening classes, and day time practicum work most quarters. Students take classes as a cohort and engage in practical experiences at selected schools throughout the region. Undergraduate students undertake the Bachelor of Arts in Education with an Education for Inclusive Environments major. This program leads to recommendation to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for a WA state residency teaching certificate with both Elementary and Special Education P-12 endorsements. See more information here.

We also offer a 7-quarter Post-Baccalaureate residency teacher certificate with elementary endorsement, for candidates who hold a bachelor's degree. See more information here.

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Admission & Retention

Education Outreach Programs. Admission occurs once a year with a priority application deadline of March 1st. Applications received after that date will be considered on a space available basis. Classes begin in the fall. Program admission requirements include:

  • Transferable A.A. degree from a Washington state community college, or satisfaction of Western's General University Requirements
  • Minimum grade point average of 2.75 overall or for the most recent 45 quarter credit hours
  • Meet the WEST-B basic skills requirement. This may be met by: a) Taking the WEST-B exam, b) SAT
  • minimum scores, c) ACT minimum scores. See wce.wwu.edu/admissions/west-b-requirement for details.
  • English composition course, completed with a B- or better
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Reflective essay and interview

Retention requires maintenance of a 2.75 quarterly GPA for each quarter after admission. The State of Washington requires students to earn a "C" or better in all major endorsement and most education courses.

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