Student Testimonials

Amy McClellan Testimonial YouTubeAmy McClellan, Master in Teaching graduate (2008)

Amy was working as a dental hygienist when she heard about Western’s MIT program. She is now living her dream as a High School English teacher.


Rick Odom Testimonial YouTubeRick Odom, Current Master in Teaching student

Rick is a retired Navy captain. He is excited to transition from Captain Odom to Mr. Odom the math teacher.



Ryan Crane Testimonial YouTube

Ryan Crane, Master in Teaching graduate (2010)

Ryan teaches history and social justice in a high school. He started a social justice program taking students overseas to build schools.


James Thomas Testimonial YouTube

James Thomas, Master in Teaching graduate (2011)

James teaches middle school English. After pursuing a variety of careers, James decided to follow the family tradition of becoming a teacher.



Paul Heasley Testimonial YouTube

Paul Heasley, Master in Teaching graduate (2011)

Paul is a former Boeing engineer. Western’s MIT program helped him fulfill his dream of becoming a teacher.