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A statement to students from the Office of the Dean

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Teacher Professional Education Advisory Board

Professional Education Advisory Boards (PEABs) for Woodring teacher education, school counselor, and school administrator programs help the College ensure collaboration with P-12 practitioners in program design and delivery, and evaluation of the unit and programs. Woodring’s Teacher PEAB is comprised of practicing teachers and administrators, professional education faculty, candidates, and a school board member. When applicable, appointments are made by the respective professional associations.

The Teacher PEAB meets three times each year and advises our programs on candidate admissions, program design, and assessments. The PEAB also reviews candidate performance data, information from follow-up studies, and placement records and, on the basis of that data, makes recommendations for program improvements. On a rotating basis, the PEAB reviews the teacher preparation program approval standards so that each standard is reviewed at least once every five years.

Mandated and reviewed by the Professional Educator Standards Board, PEABs are unique to the state of Washington and benefit our programs greatly by serving as discriminating advisors and advocates about both university and public school issues.


Minutes Academic Term Academic Year
10/30/19 Fall 2019-2020
2/06/19 Winter 2018-2019
10/10/18 Fall 2018-2019
5/03/18 Spring 2017-2018
2/08/18 Winter 2017-2018
10/19/17 Fall 2017-2018
5/11/17 Spring 2016-2017
2/02/17 Winter 2016-2017
10/20/16 Fall 2016-2017
5/12/16 Spring 2015-2016