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Woodring Data Systems User Resources

Woodring Data Systems

There are three administrative data systems used by the College of Education.  They are WIS, WEB4U and BI Query.   Together these systems support College accountability efforts, operations by staff, and state and other reporting. 

Woodring Information System (WIS)

WIS provides a student-by-student view of a student’s record in the College of Education.  Data groupings include: 

  • admissions,
  • curriculum,
  • internship and practica,
  • assessments
  • clearance (fingerprint)
  • student contact
  • degree  

WIS adds to, and does not duplicate, information held in Banner.  Basic student information maintained in Banner, such as major, contact information and degrees held, is displayed in WIS.


Assessment Data Entry Module

This data entry system is very user-friendly for both faculty and staff.  Data are entered just like grades are entered for courses:

  • select a course section by faculty name and CRN
  • view all students registered for the course
  • enter assessments per course or per student
  • simple drop-downs with grading rubrics and default dates make entry easy 


Student Internship/Service Learning/Practicum Hours Log

This is a mobile-friendly system for students to report hours served in community schools and agencies. 

  • Student who are registered for a course in which the log is required will have the log on their WEB4U student menu
  • Students can view hour totals, save and submit their hours
  • Service-learning students can print a summary of their hours for their supervisor's signature

BI Query Data Warehouse System

BI Query Table Scheme

The third component of the Woodring data systems is the data warehouse. It is a query system comprised of tables of data from Banner (i.e. transcript, course information and faculty) and of the data in tables maintained by the Woodring staff via the WIS screens.

  • combine Banner and WIS data in simple queries
  • use menu of canned queries and reports
  • use BI Query to make powerful super queries combining data in complex ways

This query system support the operations of the college as well as reporting for program improvement and accreditation purposes.