A statement of support

A statement to students from the Office of the Dean

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Woodring Peer Mentors

Woodring's Peer Mentoring Program:

The Woodring Peer Mentors works to support students interested in pursuing Woodring College's fields of study-- primarily the undergraduate and post-bacc fields of Teacher Education and Human Services.   Mentors collaborate with mentees in career/program exploration, resume-building, and in navigating the Woodring application process. The goal of mentors is to foster personal connections through rapport-building and maintaining regular contact with mentees.   
The 2018-19 Peer Mentors from left to right: Neco Pacheaco (lower), Levi Collins (upper), Jori Denton (lower), Mason Bernardo (lower), Justin Gabriel (upper), Ella Harris (lower), Nat Reilly- program coordinator (upper), Esmeralda Hernandez (lower), Casey Tokita (upper), Jaimee Alonso (lower), Elisa Couch, and Joshua Serrano.

Mentors work to do the following:​

  • Answer questions about Woodring and the application process with a student perspective
  • Help mentees explore the teaching and human services professions 
  • Connect mentees with professors, college resources, and volunteer opportunities
  • Provide access to campus resources as needed
  • Communicate information clearly and accurately
  • Invite mentees to fun and informational Woodring events

How does it work?

Students in the Future Woodring Scholars program are automatically connected with a mentor from this program. Students not in the Future Woodring Scholars program, but are still interested in pursuing teaching or human services may also request to have a peer mentor by filling out a Peer Mentor interest form. Mentor/mentee pairings are decided based on shared interests and passions, desired fields of study, preferences in meeting and communication frequency, and likely compatibility. Mentees and mentors decide together on when and how often to meet. You may want to meet only once to ask questions, meet a few times, or have an ongoing mentor; it is entirely up to you. For more information, contact Daisy Padilla Torres, or the peer mentors at wce.peermentors@wwu.edu. ​ ​